The Dress You've Dreamed Of: 11 Tips for finding the one Home

Congratulations! You’re engaged. You’ve found the life partner you have always imagined and now you’re ready to find the dress you’ve always dreamed of. We’ve put together our top 11 tips for you to have the most pleasant and successful shopping experience and ultimately find the dress you’ve always dreamed of.

1.       Research where to shop.

There are many bridal shops and designers out there but the experience and quality you receive at a small bridal boutique like L’Fay versus a large chain will certainly vary. Don’t be afraid to travel to shop at the best location. Remember you have to trust your consultant and the shop just like any other wedding day vendor.

2.       Book an appointment.

Booking an appointment will ensure that you get the time and attention necessary to find “the gown.” Most bridal salons need as many as six to nine months to order your gown and get you properly fitted for it, so give yourself adequate time too.

3.       Know your budget.

Yes your wedding dress is a once-in-a-lifetime item and you want to feel like royalty but don’t allow yourself to get caught up in that hype and over spend. Generally speaking, a wedding dress should be no more than 10-15% of your overall budget. And don’t forget to leave room for alterations, accessories, shoes, and a veil! It all adds up and you don’t want guilt or regret to shadow the delight and excitement of the purchase.

4.       Choose your entourage carefully.

Most bridal salons prefer that you bring as few people as possible to your gown fitting to maximize space, avoid conflict, and keep the focus on you. There is also a lot to be said about how supportive those you bring with are. Remember like your wedding day, when dress shopping it is all about you, so don’t feel like you have to invite anyone that is not supportive.

5.       Wear (or bring) appropriate undergarments.

If you have a particular bra or body shaper you want to wear, make sure to bring it with you to your appointment (if you’ve already purchased it) – otherwise, just wear your everyday neutral undies. Keep in mind that you’ll need the undergarments you plan to wear on the wedding day by your first fitting.

6.       Wear (or bring) appropriate shoes.

This one is totally optional. Shoe shopping usually comes after you find your gown – but if you know you’re going to wear heels, it doesn’t hurt to bring some to get a more accurate idea of how you look in each dress you try on. A few added inches can make a significant difference. And, like your wedding day undergarments you will definitely need to bring the shoes to your first fitting

7.       Bring photos.

Just like you bring photos to your hairdresser, bring a few photos of gowns you’ve admired in magazines or on Pinterest and share them with your consultant. But don’t allow yourself to be confined by these photos, such that you won’t try on a dress that doesn’t look exactly like one of those photos.

8.       Be open-minded.

Going back to #1, you should’ve selected a shop where you trust the expertise of the professionals. Trust your consultant to take your photo ideas, the way you describe your dream gown, and your personality to select dresses for you to try. If you don’t trust your consultant consider rescheduling or opting for another shop.

9.       Take photos.

Make sure one of the guests you bring with can work a camera, and take lots of photos! Even if you don’t find “the one,” your first time gown shopping is a day you want to remember and those photos will help to remind you of what you did and didn’t like on to streamline the rest of your search.

10.   Focus on you.

Remember that you will be wearing the wedding gown, and that it will be your wedding day. You’re entourage will have opinions and you will wonder if Aunt Barb or your fiancé will like your choice but the bottom-line is that you have to LOVE it.

11.   Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Nothing is worse than putting so much pressure on yourself that the shopping experience becomes a letdown. You may not have the “ah ha” moment filled with smiles and tears and it may take a few trips. Have fun with the process, enjoy shopping, and let it be the kickoff of a great wedding planning experience.


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