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We’re back with the 2nd edition of our glossary special with skirt styles. From the traditional to the modern and onto sexy, here are 13 glossary terms to help you describe your dream wedding dress.

Skirt Styles

Ballgown - Fitted at the bodice and waist, and then the skirt poufs out into a bell shape.

Flared - Fitted at the waist, and then flares out into a tulip shape at the hem.

Flounce - A looser skirt that flares out and has a ruffle at the hem.

Front slit - A slit on a frontal side seam, usually along the leg and not in the middle, that allows for movement.

Pannier - Fabric draping on both hips as an extra layer to accent a more sheath-style dress.

Pencil - Skirt hangs straight down, with no flare at the hem or accent at the waist.

Peplum - A very short ruffled skirt layer over a pencil skirt, originally a 1940s style of fun skirt with a bit of flair and movement for dancing. The ruffled layer may be horizontal in shape or extended down in a back V-shape.

Pleated - Varying numbers of pleats running vertically most often along the front of the skirt, but may also extend fully around the skirt. Multiple pleats is called ‘accordion style’ and two larger pleats is called ‘box style.’

Side slit - A slit at the side of the leg, allowing for movement.

Straight - The skirt extends straight down, with no flare at the hem. A longer version of the pencil skirt, this skirt might reach to the floor.

Tiered - The skirt is comprised of several overlapping layers of different lengths, usually three layers, but may be more depending on style.

Wrap - The skirt overlaps and wraps at the waist, a more informal style ideal for destination weddings and bridesmaid dresses.


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