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We’ve talked about gown silhouettes and skirt styles so today we’re talking about gown length. Now it’s true, a majority of brides will opt for a traditional floor length but there are 8 other lengths to choose from. 2014 bridal trends reveal that tea-length gowns may be front and center this season. What term below best describes your ideal gown length?

Gown Lengths

Ankle-length - Reaches right to your ankles, hemmed to a flattering point with the shoes you’ll be wearing.

Ballerina - A full skirt that extends to just above the ankles.

Floor length - The skirt reaches just to the floor, the hem extended for a gentle glide obscuring the view of your shoes.

Intermission - Also cocktail length, this one reaches to anywhere between the knees and the ankles, with the most common length being mid-calf.

Hi-low - A dual-level dress, the front of the skirt is Intermission length, then extends gradually lower along the sides down to floor length in the back.

Knee-length - The skirt reaches to or just below the knee.

Miniskirt - The skirt reaches 2-4 inches above the knee.

Street length - The skirt reaches an inch or two below the knee.

Tea-length - Also called a cocktail-length dress, the skirt reaches to mid-shin.


*Dress: L'Fay Collection. Photo:New Yok Bridal Fashion Week covered by WeddingWire. Photo by Robert Mitra.


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