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You will never believe just how many different terms could be used to describe a neckline! We've got more than a dozen terms to add to your glossary. Let's dig right in.


Bateau - Straps are at mid-shoulders with the fabric reaching in a gentle dip across the chest and back, like an eye shape if viewed from above.

Halter - Like a halter top or bikini top, it ties around the back of the neck. The front might be plain or with a keyhole opening.

High collar - The chest and base of the neck are covered by fabric. Sometimes a high collar is accented with a keyhole cutout at the chest through which a piece of jewelry shows.

Jewel - A rounded neckline sitting at the base of the throat.

Off-the-shoulder - The shoulders and collarbone are bare, with fabric wrapping around the upper arms.

One-shoulder - The neckline angles up toward the one shoulder that features a strap, with the other shoulder bare.
2014-03-12                                       *Dresses: Valentini Spose, Berta, L'Fay Collection

Portrait - Off-the-shoulder, with the neckline scooping down into a more rounded cut.

Queen Anne - With shoulders covered and a high back, the front is shaped like the bottom of a heart.

Sabrina - See bateau, but starts two inches higher for a more demure look.

Scoop - A rounded neckline, like the bottom half of a circle.

Strapless - No straps. The neckline can go straight across, or dip down in a curved design.

Square - Your straps come straight down to a vertical line of fabric across your chest, presenting a square shape.

Sweetheart -Rounded fabric over each breast, meeting in a V-neck point in the middle. Its heart shape is the basis for its name.

V-neck - The fabric extends downward in an angled V-shape at the top of the chest or lower to show some cleavage.

Ok that should cover it for necklines. Tune in next week for terms to desribe sleeves, then we'll move onto trains, fabric, lace, and more!


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