Kobus Dippenaar

The Kobus Dippenaar brand is synonymous with panache, élan and a fundamental belief that every woman has a beauty that is her own, a beauty that deserves to be emphasized.

Kobus Dippenaar is a South African-born fashion designer, most prominently known for his couture evening and bridal gowns that exhibit a strong play between masculinity and femininity, between structure and fluidity.

With an international reputation spanning 30 years, Kobus’ wedding gowns are marked by sumptuous flamboyance. Sophisticated and indulgent, these gowns are designed for the self-possessed woman. Fabrics are decadent, silhouettes varied. Soft mermaids, cheeky slits, low backs, plunging décolletages, silky satins and an abundance of hand-detailing – there is plenty to catch the eye and ravish the senses.

We invite you to explore our selection of Kobus Dippenaar gowns through an appointment.  In our boutique, gowns in this collection start at about $4,500.