Marco & Maria

The signature Marco & Maria stands out since its beginnings because of their admired vintage style of their collections which has become the hallmark of the brand. Designs are highlighted by their unique printed fabrics like taffeta, tulle, silk ... with a retro feel, exclusive garments, and an unparalleled style. Their new collection has brought its creators the difficult task of bringing inspiration from the mid-nineteenth century to current to current selections, which is evident in their creations, but is only shown in short strokes within them. As a hallmark of the firm, Marco & Maria link the current period with inputs from the past. The interiors of the gowns come to light, and the petticoats, which are normally hidden, are intuited between sheer fabrics. Adapting the theatricality of the time, organza and tulle wrap around women body, creating hyper feminine models. As for the colors, designers have rescued those from the paintings of the time, seizing the sepia, pink, ivory, khaki, and of course black.

We invite you to explore our selection of Marco & Maria gowns through an appointment.  In our boutique, gowns in this collection start at about $3,500.