FAQs - Brides Frequently Asked Questions

A: After the initial excitement of being engaged simmers, think about how you've always pictured yourself as a bride. Also, think about your personality and which dress will make a “WOW” statement. Think about the different silhouettes, are you looking for sexy and sheath, big ball gown or fit and flare. After you have decided what you desire start doing your research.
We suggest that you should do some homework before coming into the boutique. It is helpful to purchase a few bridal magazines and tear out any pictures that you like. Next, look at bridal websites such as, www.theknot.com or Designers' websites, to get a better understanding of what you like. Save or print out gown styles that you are considering and compare them to your magazine tear outs. This will help give our consultants a clear idea as to what your style, silhouette, and personality is.
A:  After enjoying the celebration of your engagement, setting your date, and choosing your venue, you are now ready to find your perfect wedding dress! It is recommended that you begin gown shopping 8-12 months before your set wedding date. Choosing a boutique such as L’Fay Bridal offers you an intimate setting with a full assortment of silhouettes, fabrics, and styles. You will explore different options, as well as receive personalized service. You will be advised as to which style gown compliments your venue and which fabrics work with the time of year or destination of your wedding.
A: When considering where to shop, you should ask yourself am I looking for a high energy atmosphere where I will be interacting with many people and exposed to multiple designers.  Or do I prefer a smaller, more intimate setting perhaps local boutique, where I feel more comfortable, and at home?
Both types provide memorable wedding gown shopping experiences; it just depends what’s important to you. If you are looking for quantity in selection, a larger bridal house may be your choice, but make sure you have the time. Most large bridal houses can take months to get in the door and are harder to schedule convenient follow up and fitting appointments.
Boutiques offer more personalized service in a more intimate setting where you can actually see, touch and feel the gowns. They focus on a few select designers and have close established relationships with them. Many choose one close to home to make everything more convenient and pleasurable. Consultants at both are trained to select gowns most flattering to your body type. Perhaps you will choose to experience both.  
Some brides prefer to research the salons by the designer(s) that they carry. As a bride, look through various bridal magazines and bring pictures of the styles you prefer when you go to your appointment whether you choose an intimate boutique setting or a more elaborate affair.
A: L’Fay Bridal offers you an intimate setting where a consultant caters to you, the Bride.
Share your vision and the details of your special day with a personalized consultant so she can guide you to finding the perfect gown. You are invited to enjoy looking at different silhouettes and fabrics, and explore in trying them on for the first time. Indulge in our accessories and veils to discover a complete look that flatters the gown as well as lets your own sense of style shine through. Feeling overwhelmed? Relax while sipping champagne if you choose, or take pictures to help narrow down your favorite selections to “the one”. You are special and you deserve the best in quality and personalized service.
A: At L’Fay Bridal, you will find a collection of unique European designers that are not found just anywhere. We have established relationships with designers that are true artists. They specialize in using the finest fabrics and design techniques throughout the world to create gowns that have impeccable fit and high standards of quality.
A: Most salons require an appointment to best serve you especially on high traffic days.
At L’Fay Bridal an appointment is required for you to receive one on one personalized service by a dedicated consultant. Finding your perfect wedding gown is a process. You will have a consultant dedicated to you for an hour and a half appointment. During this time, she will guide you and encourage you to try on different silhouettes that flatter your body. Through listening and understanding the details and vision you are striving for, she can deliver your perfect wedding gown!
A: During your appointment, an hour and a half is reserved for you.
A:  Most brides fall in love and find their dream gown on their first visit. In fact, don’t be surprised if you fall in love with the first gown you try! Bridal consultants are trained to know what will flatter your body type as well as enhance your best assets.
If you need to sleep on it, or bring back someone special to see it, you are certainly invited back for a second appointment.
A: You are not required to bring anything. We have private fitting rooms; however, if you prefer special undergarments, you are welcome to bring those for your comfort.
A: You are encouraged to bring someone close with you to enjoy your wedding gown shopping experience. We are boutique style; therefore we do not recommend bringing large parties. We want you and all brides to have an enjoyable experience and having too many people at once detracts from that and too many opinions can confuse and overwhelm you. If it is important for you to have more than 2-3 people with you, we ask that you make special arrangements with us so that we can do our best to accommodate you and your party.
A: Yes, Determine Your Wedding Gown Budget. You have a lot to think about at this moment: ceremony, reception, food, flowers, music, invitations, etc. All of this equates to a certain portion of your total wedding budget. It is important to determine what your price range will be for your gown. We can definitely find a dress that you will love that is within your specific price range. Just advise us of your requirements and we will take care of the rest. It is important to let your consultant know your approximate budget so she can steer you to a gown that you will love, as well as can afford.  Budget can be established when you make the appointment so that the consultant is already aware. If the establishment does not carry gowns in your price range, is it best to find out upfront. Most salons will go out of their way to meet your budget if they can. Most are willing to show you sample gowns if their starting point exceeds your budget. You should receive the utmost service no matter what your budget is.
Don’t be surprised if you find THE DRESS on your very first try and/or visit. Consultants are trained to guide you to the silhouette and style that will best suit your body type and create a perfectly proportioned wedding look.
A: There are many styles of wedding gown silhouettes and some are combinations of more than one.  The most basic silhouettes that we carry are:
A-line:  Our A-line gowns are extremely flattering to many body types creating a classic silhouette. A-line flares from the top creating a full or slim line.  Classic, Timeless. Great for all body types.
Ball Gown: Our Ball gowns are fitted at the top accentuating the bust and waistline, and offer full skirts. Traditional, Magical, Romantic, Princess Bride .
Work great on brides that are not perfectly proportioned by enhancing their upper body and concealing their lower. Especially great for pear shape, tall and thin. Very Petite brides may get lost in the fullness. Great for creating an hour glass figure.
Empire Waist:  Our Empire waist gowns have a waist line that begins just beneath the bust line and flows to the floor creating length. Elegant, Romantic.
Great for most body types.
Natural Waist – Our Natural waist gowns hit at the waist line accentuating your waist or creating one. A sash is often added to further enhance. Great for most body types especially if you do not have a defines waist. This will help create one.
Dropped Waist – A dropped waist hits the body much lower than the natural waist elongating the torso. Very popular with ruching and embellishments. Greta for several body types especially if you are short - waisted. Modern, Fashion Forward, Elegant
Fit to Flare: Our Fit to Flare gowns are much fitted throughout the bodice, and flare out beginning mid-thigh. Modern, Fashion-Forward. Very flattering on tall, slender and most heights that are equally proportioned. Also good on Petites as they create curves.
Mermaid: Our Mermaid gowns are slim fitted throughout, flaring out at the lower body near the knees. Very Modern, Sexy, Sophisticated, Dramatic, Glamorous. Great for equally proportioned brides, show off curves and are very glamorous.
Sheath:   Our Sheath gowns are slim silhouettes fitted to the body without a defined waistline.  Many of ours are in gorgeous French lace or silk. Perfect to adorn with a belt or stunning on its own.  Classic, Timeless, Traditional. Perfect for petites, average, tall and thin and full figured.

Our wedding gowns also offer special features that enhance your figure such as sweetheart necklines, low backs, ruching, corsets, etc. These features compliment and enhance specific body parts.
A: Your consultant will focus on the look you truly desire…do you want to look timeless, romantic, modern, sophisticated? You will learn which silhouette is most flattering to your body type. At L’Fay Bridal, you will discover the dress of your dreams with the guidance of a personal consultant in a relaxed, enjoyable setting. Choosing a boutique for your wedding gown has its rewards. You are truly a valued bride, not just a number. You will not be forgotten after you purchase your gown. You will receive notice of when your gown arrives and you are able to plan your fittings ahead of time. Your consultant is there from start to finish making sure your wedding look is complete and that your body is correctly proportionate in your wedding dress.
A: Yes. Sizing for bridal attire tends to run much different than street clothes. Most women need to go up at least a size or two to accommodate the smaller sizing. We will take your measurements here in the boutique and determine the perfect size according to our particular size chart provided by our designer. Alterations can be made if necessary to ensure your dress fits perfectly. Please keep in mind that dresses can always be taken in, but not always let out. So it is important to trust our recommendations, as we are aware of how our collection varies.
A: We recommend that you order your Wedding Gown at least 8 - 10 months before your wedding. Most of our designers will make your dress according to your specific order and will work within this time frame. However, if you should need your gown in less than 8 months, we can accommodate you as best we can.  Also, we suggest that you order your Headpiece & Veil with your gown so that all items can be tried on together for your first fitting. Lastly, we strongly advise purchasing your shoes before the first fitting so we can begin any alterations on your gown.
A: The average lead time for most gowns to be produced and arrive in the salon is 16 weeks. We do have special relationships where we can expedite a gown if necessary, but it is beneficial to you to have your gown arrive at least eight weeks before your date to allow ample time for your alterations. Alterations should begin at least two months before your wedding date.
We personally contact the bride immediately when her gown arrives in our store. At this time, we will determine when it is best to begin the bride’s first alteration.
Alterations are a very important part of the wedding gown process, a dress is ordered as close to your size as possible but must be altered to obtain a perfect fit to your body and to be bustled if there is a train.
A: We provide on-site expert Bridal Gown alterations from a team of experienced and highly qualified seamstresses who are committed to making each and every Bridal Gown a perfect fit. We provide this in-house service at an additional charge to be determined by the extent of work required for your specific alterations.
A: We do offer in house alterations by expert seamstresses specializing in bridal.
A: Alterations are not included in the price of the dress. We offer you a package price which includes fitting the dress to your body, hemming the dress as needed and a bustle if applicable. Any extras or changes to the design of the dress are considered customizations and incur additional costs.
A: Payment of Alterations is due at the first fitting appointment.
A: Our alterations package includes 3 fittings: first, second and final fit, each a maximum of one hour.
A: We recommend scheduling your first fitting about eight weeks before your wedding day so that you can have your gown ready about one month before your big day. Having your fittings done ahead of time allows for you to relax and enjoy the final weeks before the wedding. It is always best to plan well in advance to allow ample time for everything to flow smoothly. Some seasons such as summer are busier for Alterations, so you always want to plan ahead.
A: You will need to bring any special undergarments that you will be wearing and your bridal shoes to determine proper length/hem of your gown.  It is common to sew bra cups into most gowns as part of your fitting, so a special bra may not be necessarily needed depending on the neckline of the gown and your cup size.
Congratulations! You’ve found your gown, now let the fun begin with accessories!
A: It depends on the look that you are striving for. If your dress is simple, you may want to dress it up with drop earrings and a bracelet or keep it very timeless with traditional pearls and studs. If you want to be more glamorous, you can add a neckpiece and earrings, even a hairclip or tiara which work lovely with our veils. You can also show your personality by choosing accessories that reflect your own taste and flair. Together, you and your consultant will accessorize your gown with a coordinating veil and accessories to complete your “Wow” look!
A: A wedding veil is a personal choice that can complete your look as well as transform it.
Most brides choose their veil based on the overall look they wish to achieve for their ceremony from Formal and Traditional, Romantic and Feminine, to Simple and Modern.

Long Veils - Formal
Cathedral - a traditional floor length veil that extends beyond the length of the train of the wedding gown by approximately six inches or more creating a very traditional, beautiful look.
Chapel - a dramatic floor length veil that extends way beyond the end of the gown by as much as 36 inches creating a very stunning, dramatic look.
Mantilla - a long circular piece of lace or tulle veil with lace edging that is meant to frame the face creating a very romantic, feminine look.

Short Veils - Less Formal
Birdcage - a very short veil made of netting that just covers your face creating a dramatic, edgy, modern look.
Fingertip - a veil that reached the tips of your fingers creating a look of elegance without being as formal as floor length.
Elbow - a veil that extends to your elbows creating a simple, clean look for a less formal effect.
Two tiered - a veil with two layers of tulle with one layer long and one shorter which creates volume as well as two looks in one if you choose to remove one layer after the ceremony for a less formal look. One can also be used as the blusher and be removed or pushed back.

All veils can have a blusher which is the part of the veil that covers your face as you walk down the aisle. Blushers are attached and lifted off the face as you are given away or before your groom kisses you. Blushers are very traditional and often used for religious purposes. Most brides who say they don’t want one change their mind when they try them on!
If you have a personalized question, please email us at: info@lfay.com

We look forward to seeing you at L’Fay Bridal, make your appointment on-line or call one of our locations. New gowns are arriving!
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