Resolving for a better 2014 Together!

This year instead of making out your own list of resolutions, why not make pledges as a couple instead? Together you can motivate one another and hold one another accountable. You can also use resolutions to strengthen your relationship and manage the pressures of wedding planning.

Here are a few ideas – some expected and hopefully some new – to help inspire your list.

-          Communicate better. Look one another in the eye, don’t nod out of habit, listen and ask questions. Strong communication skills will only enhance your relationship with one another and outside of your relationship.
Resolve together
-          Date one another. Refrain from taking the relationship for granted. Vow to date one another, with the same effort you did as pre-engagement. This will keep your love alive and help you relax and enjoy life.

-          Eat mindfully and exercise. In the comfort of relationships it’s easy to become casual about where and when you eat. Avoid curling up on the couch with takeout and instead prepare meals together and eat at the table. Motivate one another to get active. Go on walks, set alarms for one another, and accompany each other to the gym.

-          Stay connected. Avoid losing touch of friends and family because you’re wrapped up in one another and wedding planning. Make sure to schedule time with friends and family and not always as a duo either.

-          Disconnect. Contradictory to the above, sometimes disconnecting from technology is a must! Make conscious efforts together to disconnect from technology and eliminate multitasking in order to be more mindful of one another and your surroundings.

-          Break a bad habit. Imagine a better version of your relationship and fix a bad habit that’s stopping you from getting there. Stop going to bed angry, fighting dirty, or taking out your feelings on one another.

-          Have fun. Wedding planning can be overwhelming and it’s not always conducive to laughter. Make sure to play time for fun. Go to a ball game, participate in a recreational sport, see a movie, go camping, or go to a concert. Have fun together, those memories are priceless.

-          Dream and plan. Remember the wedding will likely only take place over the course of hours but you have a lifetime together. Dream about your future family, where you wish to travel, the home you wish to make, the experiences you want to have or the careers you want to pursue. Then plan and take action. Together you can do more.