The Entourage

You’ve said “Yes!” and now you’re ready to say it all over again for the perfect wedding dress. But don’t go saying “Yes” to everyone that wants to help (although that’s incredibly nice of them right?!).

Today on TV we can watch shows like Say Yes to the Dress, Something Borrowed Something New or Randy to the Rescue to follow a bride or brides as the search for what to wear on their wedding day. Inevitably the bride(s) bring an ‘entourage’. Now this entourage could be comprised of so many different people for various possible reasons but so often we see that perhaps the entourage is not uplifting or positive. And, there goes the wedding dress shopping experience down the drain. It’s unfortunate really.

The best entourage would balance honesty with being supportive and would be mindful of the fact that you asked them to accompany you for a very important occasion. They should be honored, humbled, and respect that it really is all about you. These brides brought a great group of friends and family with them to their appointments!

So here are some tips and thoughts to consider when selecting your entourage to accompany you.

·Keep the entourage small. This may be the single most important tip. Keeping the entourage small prevents you from having too many conflicting opinions.

·It’s not necessary to bring the entire bridal party. You’ve selected your bridal party to accompany you on the big day but that doesn’t mean they have to accompany you dress shopping. Afraid you will hurt their feelings? Simply explain you are keeping your entourage small and that you look forward to showing them the dress you chose. And maybe consider bringing them to your fitting

·Do bring your parents or grandparents or whoever raised you. And don’t forget about Dad. Just because he wears a suit doesn’t mean he won’t be interested in seeing his daughter through this beautiful experience.

·Bring your closest fashion savvy friend. While family ( and some friends) will find you beautiful in anything, this person should know you in-and-out and be there to if they think you will look back at your wedding photos and wonder what you were thinking.

·Consider the qualities of each person you’re brining. Think about the qualities of the people you are inviting and whether they have been supportive and positive in the past. If you recall them saying or doing anything that made you feel less amazing or beautiful at one time or another, they likely shouldn’t join you.

·Remember you will be wearing the dress. Even while your entourage is ohh-ing and ahh-ing you will need to be confident and honest with yourself to tell them if it’s just not the one.