Bridal Gowns in New York

You are already beautiful…let us take you too breathtaking in a bridal gown from L’Fay in New York. Step off the busy street and into one of our authentic bridal gowns that reflects your personal style perfectly. We have on hand a wide variety of gorgeous bridal gowns for you to choose. From modern vintage to classic elegance your beauty will be illuminated so you will be one with the moment when you speak your heartfelt nuptials.

We carry our own exclusive L’Fay collection of bridal gowns in New York which is sure to please your discriminating taste for high end fashion. We also have Cymbeline Paris designer dresses, other European designer bridal gowns, and US designers as well. Our selection combined with our extra measure of expertise, will give you peace of mind to know you will make quite an impression as you celebrate in style on your wedding day.

We desire to lavish you at your personal appointment with our exceptional service and attention on you. Our seamstresses with many years of training will deliver to you a svelte silhouette in your bridal gown. They make your dreams of a perfect bridal gown come true.

We encourage you to call us today and make your personal appointment to find the bridal gown you envision in our New York boutique. Also for your convenience, you can make an appointment on-line by “clicking” on the “Make Appointment” box above. Please fill in all the appropriate information including your phone number and we will be sure to contact you in the following days and confirm your appointment. You can put your anxiousness aside and be at ease knowing you are in good hands with the L’Fay bridal gown professionals in New York.
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