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Berta is a renowned Israeli designer whose dresses are sought after by refined, fashion-forward brides everywhere. With her, tasteful, unique designs, its no wonder Berta has become such a prominent star in the international bridal market. Her one-of-a-kind gowns have managed to surprise and capture the attention of even the most veteran fashion editors and bloggers; her collections are considered among the most anticipated and the most exalted around the globe. The excellence of her chic dresses is further assured by the high-quality materials, imported globally from the world’s fashion capitals that go through handmade development processes in Berta’s studio and are then used to create her gorgeous gowns. A Berta bridal gown is the very essence of bold femininity and modern romance; always on the cutting edge of bridal fashion. Her gowns are known for incorporating unique and innovative features such as eye catching 3-D florals, daring necklines, sensual silhouettes, and ethereal embellishments. Indeed, the luxurious fabrics, original designs, and exquisite attention to detail that are used make each of Berta’s dresses a breath taking masterpiece waiting to make your wedding a dream come true. We invite you to explore our selection of the Berta collections through an appointment.