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Veiled in Mystery

There is something supremely romantic about a veiled bride. The veil creates a real element of mystique. But the wearing of a veil is an ancient tradition, even though it remains highly popular today, and one that has its origins in a plethora of different cultures.

Some brides may decide to wear a veil simply for aesthetic reasons, using it as an accessory to the bridal ensemble. It's a fashion statement in such cases. Other brides will do so for more symbolic reasons.

The bride who chooses to be veiled on her wedding day may well have her own very personal reasons for doing so and she certainly won't lack for choice in terms of design. Very beautiful veils can be custom made to compliment any wedding dress, and of course the style of the bride's hair must be taken into consideration too. There's no denying that a veil really does give the wedding attire a classic look.

Knowing a little bit about the history of the veil in marriage ceremonies can help today's bride to decide if wearing a veil is right for her. And if she does decide to marry as a veiled bride, who will lift it, will she opt to do it herself, or will the groom have the privilege?

Although it's an ancient tradition to wear them, New York Bridal Salons still get asked today for bridal veils. But what is the significance of wearing a veil on your wedding day?

The veil’s origins are found in eastern cultures where it was customary for practical reasons to shield the face from wind sand and sun. There were also modesty issues taken into consideration and the need for women to cover their faces in environments where a husband could actually be killed if he had a beautiful wife!

There is also an element of surprise here too, particularly in the case of arranged unions. Oftentimes the groom would not see his bride until the day of the marriage, so the revealing of her face must have been a very poignant moment indeed.

The ancient Greeks and Romans saw the veil as symbolizing protection against spiritual evil. In medieval times, when Islam rose and Arab culture developed, Arab customs had a great influence on other cultures. The veil then became very popular as day-to-day attire for women.

The veil is also known to represent modesty and wholesomeness. And of course the white veil signified virginity. Because of this it used to be that only a bride who was marrying for the first time would wear a veil.

When it comes to the lifting of the veil there are different options. A long time ago it was always the groom who lifted the veil, as this represented his acceptance of her as a wife. Nowadays it is acceptable for the bride to lift her veil herself, as a show of sexual equality.

Whatever means you choose with regard to the lifting of the veil, and whatever it might symbolize to you, New York Bridal Salons will be able to suggest the perfect veil for your wedding day.
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