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Empire Style Wedding Dresses

When in doubt, go for a tried and trusted wedding dress style, or an adaptation of an old favorite.

Elizabeth Bennet, in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, eventually married her Mr. Darcy in an empire style dress, and he certainly fell in love with her when she was wearing it. It was the favored style of the regency period. It stands out today because it still has a fresh and contemporary feel to it. Empire dresses create a slim line and they boost the bust, no wonder it was so popular then and continues to be after so many years!

For the Elizabeth Bennet of today, the Empire line wedding dress is ideal.

But does it suit everyone, and is it suitable for different climates or environments? Is it really such a good all rounder when it comes to a choice of style?

Whether you're getting married in the country or the city, New York Bridal Shops will have the ideal dress for you, even if you want something a little old fashioned.

A popular style of dress in the Regency period, Empire Style or Empire line wedding dresses are still favored today. They are one of the world's miracles, as they fit and flatter ever body type pretty well, and they beautifully hide a multitude of sins!

The high waist of an Empire line wedding dress sits just below the bust; the flare of the skirt is subtle, with the fabric falling in a gentle line from underbust to floor.
Empire style dresses are romantic, and while they have a rather innocent look to them, they are also a flirtatious dress, boosting the bust line as they do. Think of Elizabeth Bennet in the famous TV adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice - that's empire line for you. And if such a dress style is handsome enough to tempt the eligible Mr. Darcy then no self-respecting groom of today will be able to resist his bride in an Empire line wedding gown.

In terms of seasonal wear the Empire line dress is suitable for all weathers. It can be made up in the lightest of muslins or the heaviest of velvets. It also lends itself to accompanying wraps so for weddings that take place in uncertain weather, it's perfect and the bride can keep her shoulders warm with an attractive accessory.

When you're shopping for the perfect empire line dress in New York, you won't lack choice. This style of dress, and adaptations of it, has been around for years. So if you're looking to shop in the city, New York Bridal Shops will be able to help you find that perfect romantic Empire line dress.
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