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Dark Alternative to the White Wedding Dress

While the traditional white wedding dress has enjoyed a long reign and will no doubt continue to do so, today's more contemporary or alternative brides often want to make a different statement. And sometimes that's a darker one.

There was a time when a black wedding dress would have been inconceivable, black being associated predominantly with mourning and widow's weeds. 2008 saw a big trend sway toward black wedding gowns and it looks like they're here to stay.

For that sophisticated look a sleek black wedding dress can be ideal. And, unlike many traditional white dresses, the black wedding gown can be adapted to be worn on other occasions.

So how will the concept of a black wedding gown go down with your family and friends? Is there still a prejudice towards anything other than the expected white or ivory, or will the black wedding dress represent an alluring and decadent option for the bride who wants to take her vows in elegant ebony? And is it perhaps time to change the old adage, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue," to read "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something black?"

The white wedding gown isn't the first choice for every bride; many women these days opt to marry in different colored dresses. Yes, even black, but there still seems to be a school of thought that suggests it's not everyone's idea of the perfect dress. But if you're a bride to be and a dress that is as dark as midnight is your choice, you'll want to know where to shop for the perfect mysterious black bridal gown.

New York City Bridal Boutiques are quite used to a wide range of requests when it comes to wedding dresses so if you ask for a wedding dress in black you won't be thought odd, in fact there are Bridal Boutiques in New York City that carry ranges with black dresses as part of their options.

And it may surprise those who oppose the idea of anything but white for a bride to learn that up until as late as the 1930s some cultures only considered black as the color of choice for wedding dresses. But this has to do with practicality. A black dress would be more serviceable and could be used again, and kept as a best dress after the wedding.

So black is actually just as traditional in terms of its place in history, as white when it comes to the color of a wedding dress. That little snippet of information might come in handy when the alternative or even gothic bride wants to persuade a mom or aunt with fixed views of the merits of a gorgeous seductive black gown.
Although she wasn't the first bride to wear white, Queen Victoria's wedding to her beloved Prince Albert in 1840 had a huge impact on the collective consciousness, and since then the popularity of white wedding gowns continued to grow, especially in higher society. But if you really can't turn your back on black, rest assured that the New York City Bridal Boutiques will be able to provide you with something truly beautiful that reflects the sophisticated side of your personality.
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