Wedding Dresses in New York City

An Element of Surprise

Your wedding day marks a point at which your life will change forever. Very often brides are advised to opt for a dress that reflects the clothes they wear on a day-to-day basis, and while this is sound advice there's also a school of thought that says opting for a dress that is a real break from your own traditions can have a big impact and can certainly incite a gasp factor when it comes to your guests' reactions, not to mention the groom's response.

Celebrity pop singer Avril Lavigne famously said she considered a black wedding dress and very nearly opted for one. When it came down to it, Avril married in a white dress, something she had dreamed of doing since she was a little girl. Mind you, it wasn't what fans or friends expected of the singer, and she admitted that the black dress would probably have been the predictable Goth choice for her.

So are you thinking of creating a stir with a dress that no one would expect you to wear? If you are there are certain things to know if you’re to carry it off.

Your future husband is traditionally kept in the dark about the wedding dress you will choose, but very often close friends and family will know the details. Most of the time brides choose a dress that reflects their known style and personality. However, sometimes a bride wants to add a little mystery to the occasion, a touch of wow factor, by choosing a dress that is far removed from what everyone would expect of her.

To carry this off the bride-to-be needs to consider a few points, the most important of which is comfort, both physical and emotional. It's all very well imagining getting married in a trouser suit instead of a dress, and it may well have a huge impact if you are known as a woman who never wears pants, but would you be comfortable? Wearing clothes right is often all about confidence and the ability to carry off different outfits with flair.

If you're shopping for wedding dresses in New York City you'll be able to confide in your consultant at the boutique that you want to break with tradition. They'll be best qualified to help you choose a gown or ensemble that will give you the element of surprise you seek while still ensuring that you are comfortable with your new look.

If you always wear black in your day-to-day life then the full on white wedding dress is going to be a massive statement, and the opposite applies. If you've always been known as a traditionalist then a black or midnight blue gown will bowl the guests and the groom over. If you never wear vibrant colors and are known for being a sedate dresser then a crimson gown will really turn heads.

Shopping for wedding dresses in New York City should be an inspiration, and finding a gown that lets the world know you are on the brink of a major new chapter in your life shouldn't be a problem.
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